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Portail de la presse

Head Of Content (Genève, Suisse)

Intitulé du poste : Head Of Content
Nom de l'entreprise : AllTheContent Ltd
Type d'offre : Emploi CDI
Région : Hors France
Ville : Genève, Suisse
Code postal : 1207   

Description du poste :
Member of the executive board of director, the Head Of Content (HOC) is a key member of the company, in charge of delivering ATC's services to maximize customer satisfaction while providing optimal efficiency. As such, HOC strategize, organize and manage both the production and the licensing side, handling all content related operations, such as licensing, talent scouting, production, adaptation, localization and delivery. Working in close relationship with other team members, clients and partners, the HOC combines the perspective of an Editor in Chief and the position of an General Manager in a single executive role.

Below, please find a list of missions:

Content Production
• Create and manage appropriate workflow with associated guidelines and teams for each content project, new and existing, with a commercial or informational goal
• Ensure that content is licensed, produced and delivered as planned in contracts, guidelines and delivery needs, with the high-quality standard of the agency
• Supervise and manage the process of content localization, multimedia adaptation and cross-platform versioning, with both human talent and technological supports
• Bring great ideas and daring visions to create the next generation of content products and outline future practices of a booming digital media industry

Content Delivery & Client Support
• Be in regular relation with current clients to deliver content, get feedbacks, improve the services and identify other business opportunities
• Integrate new client and new projects, by setting-up a dedicated team, detailed process, improved workflow, smart strategy and optimal distribution
• Use and improve proprietary online tools to manage relationship with networks and clients, for production, monitoring, delivery and reporting

Network Management
• Establish a permanent recruitment process of new individual members / new talents across all channels for general growth and specific needs
• Identify, engage, license and integrate professional content providers, content libraries, rights collection and data set to increase the size of the ATC Content Base
• Manage existing network of individual and corporate members (visibility, support, branding, revenues) and enable efficient integration of new members
• Operate and manage recruiting tools, social presence and associated budgeted campaigns for recruitment and network expansion
• Increase training opportunities for network members with partnership with training provider, e-learning platforms and other industry association
• Represent the company's unique vision of media and motivate networks members and fellow professionals worldwide across social media and public speaking

Content Marketing
• Drive the creation of marketing content about and around ATC and its partner company to lead the way with our own content marketing strategy
• Support the marketing of content, to increase web traffic increase social presence and PR, by enriching portfolios, catalogues and demos with fresh products, up to date presentation and industry-focused content services to increase the visibility of the agency and its success
• Understand the needs and means of other department to maximise synergies with other executives and business units

Profil du candidat :
Below, please find the precise profile requirement for candidates:

Requested Skills & Profile
• Proven personal practices of as many types of media and delivery platforms as possible, with a special focus on text, video, corporate and visual communication, with a bottom-up expertise of all the skills involved and outstanding personal level of quality for personal works, with the ability to do,
• An experienced and ambitious content expert with management expertise, supported by an analytic / systemic vision of workflows and a large set of actionable knowledge in fields ranging from storytelling to webcasting, from copy editing to copyright principles, from pantones to AI, from art to sports.
• A great vision embracing the whole media industry and acute sensibility to new forms digital services, of consumption and audience, combined with a talent to create new content products, powered by a limitless curiosity for what's going and what's coming up.
• Strong interests in business and customer satisfaction, to be able to provide great key account management with clients, integrate current and future company's strategies and handle negotiation with internal or external suppliers of services and contents
• Good comprehension of online platforms, digital production tools, office suits and the latest communication techniques. Excellent cultural background with sharp knowledge of the complexity of the world, the "cultural" industries and of multicultural content process
• Smart, charismatic individual with ability to lead and inspire. Ability to be creative, precise, innovating and to think out of the box, while maintaining the highest standard of formal quality with perfect grammar and spelling.
• Bilingual, or really fluent, in English and French, spoken and written, are essential. German, Spanish and Arabic are highly appreciated. All other languages are welcome.

Employment Conditions
• Position based in Geneva, Switzerland, at AllTheContent HQ, with regular required presence and possible distant work when needed
• Some travels may be necessary, with full cost coverage by the company, for client meeting, targeted recruitment or event attendance
• Candidates can be based anywhere in Europe, as long as close from an international airport. Preferred location: United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland or Spain.
• Relocation possible but not needed nor required. Level of salary are adapted to location. Stock option plan may be proposed after the first year of services.

... if you only have experiences in the field of corporate communications, PR agencies or marketing… ... if you don't recognize yourself in the requested skill set… if your last experiences in media is older than 10 years old.... if you have no interest in technology and innovation. Thanks for your help.

Coordonnées du recruteur :
Interested? Please send you complete resume with a motivation letter, alongside all the information you may find relevant to Clement Charles, CEO, rh@allthecontent.com. After this email, selection will be in two rounds: if your resume is selected, you will receive a list of question by mail; then, based on your answers, face-to-face meetings or video interviews may be proposed.